Braai Ideas That You Need to Know About

There is nothing better than being able to relax with your friends around a braai. However, you might want to spice things up a bit and re-inspire the good old fashioned way of doing things which is why these are the braai ideas that you need to know about.

Most people enjoy hosting or attending a really good braai. When the sun’s out, the swimming pool is at the perfect temperature and you have the best selection of meat and drinks, it can lead to the perfect day. What you may not know, is that there are a number of different braai ideas that are on trend at the moment. Nowadays, the above scenario is only the beginning. If you want to be the host with the most you have to pull out all of the stops, but how do you go about doing this? Well firstly, you need to take a look at the food that you are providing people with. One of the braai ideas that has become popular is implementing more fun and creative recipes. It is all well and good having the usual wors and pap, but there are some killer recipes that can take your braai to the next level.

One of these ideas is using fish as your main meat. This is not only a healthy choice but also a delicious one. There are a number of amazing fish recipes out there for you to choose from. One of the most spectacular things you can do, is cook a whole piece of fish on the braai. Stuff it with lemon, parsley and butter sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper on top of it, add some more lemons to the skin and then slap it on the braai. You can either place it into one of the specially designed fish holders or directly onto the grill. The fish holder will, however, make it easier to manoeuvre. The skin should be crispy and fish moist and flaky. You will certainly impress your guests by presenting them with a beautiful piece of fish. If you are feeling more adventurous with your flavours you should look at Asian influences, there are tons of recipes to choose from.

The next idea that you need to consider, is the way in which you braai. Recently, there has been an interest in looking at alternative braaing methods. There are a number of different braais that have been released on to the market. One of those is the built in braai. Instead of having your braai separate from your guests, you will all be able to cook together. The braai itself has been built into gorgeous wooden tables. These tables are normally able to seat about 6-8 people around them comfortably. This method of cooking has become popular because it gives family and friends an opportunity to braai together. More often than not there is the “braai master” that gets left to do all the cooking, now this no longer needs to be the case.

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