Stunning Health Benefits of Eating Chocolates

Chocolate and childhood have an imitable relationship with each other. One cannot imagine childhood without chocolates. We just need a reason to eat chocolate and even if there is none we do not mind eating them. Most of the people leave the habit of eating chocolate once they are grown up adults, as most of us often believe in the myth that eating more chocolates could lead to health problems.

But did you know that there are a lot of health benefits attached to chocolates and it is necessary to have a chocolate every day?

In the subsequent paragraph you are all set to discover the stunning benefits of eating chocolates. All these benefits are backed by research and studies by doctors and researchers.

Prevention of Diabetes- Are you amazed to read this? Yes, it is true that eating a chocolate helps to prevent diabetes. A study was done in Italy on few people for a period of two weeks. It was seen that the levels of insulin dropped to a low level. Claudio Ferri, who is researcher said that chocolates consist of flavanoids which produces nitric oxide and it in turn helps to reduce insulin.

Stress reduction- A chocolate a day can help to keep tension at bay. A group of Swiss scientists did a research and found out that those people who felt restless or unhappy, actually felt quite relieved after having dark chocolates for two weeks continuously. It was seen that the hormones, which caused stress reduced significantly after having a chocolate.

Shield against Sun- Chocolates containing high flavanol actually help you to protect your skin from getting burnt by the harmful rays of the sun. A group of researchers found out that people eating high flavanol chocolates had less red skin (an indication of sun burn) than the one’s who ate low flavanol chocolates.

Intelligence- Believe it or not, eating more chocolates makes you more intelligent. A researcher from the University of Nottingham found out that by eating chocolates which have cocoa and flavanols increase the flow of blood inside the brain cells for as long as three hours. This is quite beneficial as it increases the alertness of the person and sharpens the memory.

Relief from Cough and Cold- Theobromine is a compound which is found in cacao seeds and is used as a deterrent to cough. Chocolate contains theobromine and helps to reduce cough to a considerable extent.

So now you have more than one reason to eat chocolate due to its plethora of health benefits.

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