It Pays to Know – Amazing Benefits Your Body Gets From Drinking Coffee

Coffee is currently the world’s third most popular beverage after tea and water. According to the recent survey, people across the globe consume more or less 2.5 billion cups of coffee on a daily basis – a clear indication that this dark beverage is definitely popular and in-demand. But despite the fact that coffee is very popular, there are still a lot of people which are not convinced that drinking coffee is good for our health.

It has long been a popular debate among coffee lovers and non-coffee drinkers that drinking coffee on a daily basis is not good for the health because it contains caffeine – a psychoactive drug that is known to help combat fatigue and drowsiness. To prove these naysayers wrong, here’s a list of benefits that our body gets from drinking a warm cup of coffee regularly:

Coffee Reduces Risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s

A medical research conducted last 2009 has proven that people drinking at least 3 cups of coffee daily during their midlife have a lower risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in their later years. According to the study, caffeine is responsible for reducing the number of protein beta-amyloid on our brains. Protein Beta-amyloid is a peptide that long been considered to trigger Alzheimer’s disease.

Coffee Keeps the Memory Sharp

One of the effects that people experience drinking coffee is that it keeps you alert and focus, especially at work. But when you drink this wonderful beverage on a daily basis, it won’t only keep your mind attentive; it will also help you retain the sharpness of your memory. According to another medical study was done last 2007, older people who have made it a habit of drinking an average of 3 cups of coffee daily during their lifetime, has a lesser memory decline compared to individuals who don’t drink coffee at all. So, drinking coffee does not only reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease but is also help us keep our memories sharp.

Coffee Prevents Development of Cancer Cells

Coffee has long been associated with developing cancers in our body, but some studies have proved this notion wrong. Another medical study has revealed that the antioxidants found in coffee are more than enough to prevent the development of cancer types including endometrial cancer and kidney cancer.

So you see? Drinking coffee has never been bad for our health, it’s actually the other way around! Now that you are aware of the many benefits of coffee make sure to drink coffee every day. And if you are just too busy to finish your cup, you can always take it with you using an insulated stainless steel water bottle.

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