What are different ways to cook artichoke hearts?

Artichoke hearts are considered to be highly nutritious perennial buds that we get from a wild plant and it is added to various cooking items due to its deliciousness and amazing flavor. Here are more details on it.

What is an artichoke heart?

An artichoke is a perennial plant that belongs to the family aster and is abundantly used as an edible flower bud in cooking. It has a very nice taste that feels almost like a nut and when you find a good recipe to make it, you would be delighted with your pick. The term heart is used for the inside of the artichoke that is a tender bud that is cooked and eaten for its high nutritious value and for its culinary delicacy.

How should we clean the artichokes?

When you are about to clean the artichokes, you are advised to make use of the gloves and rub some lemon juice on your hands. If you will not do so, your hands will turn to dark brown and you will feel itchy as well. so better get your hands protected.

How can you cook the artichoke hearts?

Now that you know about these hearts, you would want to cook them up and get some amazing recipes made from it. but what to cook from them and how to use them in some recipe? Well, here we are to tell you the different ways in which you can cook the artichokes.

There are more ways of cooking them then you could possibly have thought of. The following is a list of ways in which you can prepare the artichokes with ease.

  • Boil them until they are soft
  • Roast them in a little oil till tender
  • Grill them so that they are good to use
  • Air Fryer them and get them all ready to eat
  • Fry them to get amazing taste
  • Microwave them to get the softness that you are looking for

Once you have got the foodness gracious artichoke hearts ready, you can further use them in any recipe that you like. They are mostly used with a sauce made for dipping and with some light seasoning. Some people like to add them to their keto diet as well while others like adding them to their salads. Now the use of the prepared artichokes is totally dependent upon your way of eating and your taste.

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