Important Preparation Tips of Darjeeling Black Organic Tea

One of the most common complaints among Darjeeling black organic tea lovers is the lack of flavor and aroma after being served a cup of tea. Preparation of Darjeeling black organic tea is an art and delicate process and ignoring any steps can result in the loss of flavor. Here are some important preparation tips for this tea.

Water with no salt, iron and chlorine content

Before starting, it is vital to make sure that the water is devoid of salt, iron and chlorine content as any of these can destroy the flavor and taste of the black organic tea. Water used must be purified from a modern water purifier. One can also use packaged drinking water.

Storing the tea leaves

Proper storage of tealeaves is essential to retain the natural aroma. It is preferable to store the leaves in an aluminum container as this retains the aroma. Most of the tea packages in the market come with sealed aluminum foil packs to preserve freshness.

Usage of right accessory

Using the right accessory is pretty important to get the right flavor and aroma. China porcelain teapots and cups are the right accessories for preparation. If one is using a new teapot then it is essential to clean it with hot water and then use it for making tea. One must avoid using soap while cleaning the pot.

Electric kettle or steel container to heat water

Using electric kettle to heat water helps in the preparation of tea. It is advisable not to heat water using a gas oven. One can also use a steel container to heat water.

Never add milk or sugar

To get the real taste of Darjeeling black organic tea, avoid adding milk or sugar as this changes the aromatic flavor of the tea. It is best to consume to tea without adding anything. One can add a couple of drops of fresh lemon juice that will change the signature color of the tea and make it lighter. One can also add lime slice.

Proper infusion

Proper infusion is necessary to get the real taste of Darjeeling black organic tea. One must put tealeaves into the pot and then pour hot water. Metallic infusion balls must be avoided as they don’t allow proper infusion.

Tea lovers must ensure that they are purchasing the leaves from an authentic source. Unless they are purchasing from an authentic source, they can’t enjoy the real taste of Darjeeling tea.

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